Sessions with Zoe are an absolute joy. Her transit readings are an essential part of my self-care, helping me prepare for, move through, and honor transitions with awareness and grace. Her exuberant, mythic, fearless (and funny!) style helps me find meaning and celebration in even the darkest of times. I trust Zoe completely and want her in my corner through every event of my life!


I had never done an Astrology reading before I found Zoe so I really had no idea what to expect. Zoe's kind and caring demeanor made me feel at ease almost instantly. Her excitement for Astrology and helping others is palpable! She has this incredible energy that makes you feel extremely safe and heard and allows you to be vulnerable with her. After my reading, I felt so much clarity and peace because Zoe allowed me to think about my issues out loud with her through a fresh lens and a genuine listening ear. She is truly a natural and I will recommend her to everyone I know without hesitation.


I LOVE my readings with Zoe! She's a great listener and has helped me build confidence in myself and trust in the process. I feel like she really sees me and cherishes who I am. The way she described my birth chart helps me learn to see and love all the different parts of myself, too. No matter the state I'm in when I arrive, I leave our sessions feeling freed and renewed.


Zoe is lovely - kind, gentle, and empathic. She is also incredibly emotionally intuitive, which created a supportive and safe emotional space during the reading. She continually checked in with my comfort level, asked if anything was off limits, and allowed me to engage and share at my discretion. I would absolutely recommend Zoe!